“when the storm is raging…”

“I refuse to fear,
even when the sky is falling,
even when the ground is moving,
I won’t be afraid.
When the darkness is winning still I will be singing Your praise.

I will not lose heart,
even when the light is fading,
even when the storm is raging,
I will not give up.
When my world is shaken still I will be safe in Your love.

When I’m in need,
You come to me,
I’ll wait now.
I will be still,
You will be singing,
you’re safe now’

This is definitely my song for this season of what feels like barrenness. The word I keep coming back to is that God is drawing me to Himself. That if all I have is Him then I have all I need.

Abba Father,
You are the God of more than enough. I will keep trying to lift my eyes and look beyond the here and now. I won’t entertain the idea that this pile of dry bones is anything less than a soldier of God. Though the rain is cold and the waves are high, I won’t abandon ship. After all, it’s safer to weather the storm with You; calmer of waves, parter of seas, giver of peace. You empower me to persevere. In Your strength I press on. In Your name I overcome.

“and it shall make a name for the Lord,
an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” (Isaiah 55:13)




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