Where Am I?


“Before you can move forward, you have to know where you stand.”

Has it really been five months since I returned from Kansas City? I know I have been remarkably quiet since I got back with regard to sharing my experiences while I was gone and my plans for the future. To be honest, up until now I haven’t been entirely sure what to say. There are some things that I will probably never share about my time away; treasured secrets between me and the Lord and heartbreaking memories of things which I hoped I’d never have to experience. The same goes for being back home. There are some things which are just not meant to be shared.

That being said, I am ready to update you on my present situation. Geographically, I am in Scotland. Dundee to be exact. My home town. While I was gone, I can’t say that I missed it much. I certainly missed the people; my family and friends but I wouldn’t say that there was much I missed about the land itself. Since being back, however, I have fallen in love with Scotland all over again. It honestly is such a beautiful place to live, and my church – Gate Church International – is wonderful. Although it was a struggling settling back in at first, especially since I was so certain that I was going to leave again, I can honestly say that I am committed to staying here for as long as God intends.

Emotionally it has been a struggle. In the past few months I have faced things which I never thought I would have to face but – strange as it sounds – I consider myself blessed. I am hopeful and with every passing day I can honestly say I love God more and I’m learning to stay faithful and obedient in the season that He has me in. Even when there are days when I want to run and hide or take control and make my own plans.

I am looking for work and helping friends here and there to make a bit of money. I am praying that the right thing comes along as I believe that I will eventually be back in the nations again – probably next year.

God is teaching me how to submit as well as honour and respect not just leadership but everyone around me. I am still learning on that front. I am investing in good, solid friendships while trying to love and bless those who are less good – to me anyway.

Finally, I am burning with desire for the nations, especially those that God has given me specific vision for. At a time like this I feel it is more important than ever to strengthen and encourage the Church in other parts of the world. For the moment, I am committed to praying for these people but I do believe that God desires some of us to actually go and physically stand alongside persecuted Christians. So, while my desire is truly for overseas missions, I am trusting God that I am where I am supposed to be – for now. He has given me a vision for my future and my connection to certain nations – which I will share soon. But for now I am focused on investing in my city, my church community and my loved ones as well as continuing to grow in the gifts and calling that God has given me.

For HIS Glory,

Please continue to check my blog for more updates. If you would like to find out more, please email me – heather.a.farmer@gmail.com


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