Time To Get Real

It’s no secret than in the past year and a half I’ve done a fair bit of travelling. I mean, only in comparison to the previous 25 years in which I did hardly any travelling.

Now I can say that there are parts of my heart in the Philippines, China, Kansas City, Korea. Not because I’m some hopeless romantic who dreams of being somewhere other than where she is…no, not at all.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I never wanted to be a missionary. It wasn’t a lifelong dream of mine to travel. My limited experience in the area had tricked me into believing I’d never have the means even if I had the desire.

What I wanted, desired, dreamed of, was marriage. And children, definitely children.

you can’t settle down if you’re always leaving town….

I thought that the more I moved around, the less chance I’d have of getting married. I might have even been right. But somewhere along the way I realised that Gods dreams are way bigger and, get this, more important than mine.

He gave me a vision one day of creation. Nations being formed and the sweet sound of worship rising up from them, before people even settled there. His dream from the start was for every nation, tongue and tribe to know Him as Lord and praise His name. As any good friend, I long to see this dream of His come true. I’d do anything to make it happen. This is why my heart belongs to so many nations as well as my own; because God has allowed me to see the part of HIS heart that longs for those places.

Do I love to travel now? Yes. Am I excitedly anticipating where my next trip will lead me? Of course! But only because of the bigger picture. A spontaneous holiday or city break will never entice me away from cups of tea in Bonnie Scotland and dreams of wedding bells. Only a glimpse of something more could convince me to give up everything I long for and follow
Jesus across the nations.

My true bridegroom is coming. I want everyone to know. That is why I long for foreign lands as well as long-lost friends.

I never wanted to be a missionary. But now I say ‘yes and amen’ Lord.



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