Esther 8:6

‘For how can I endure to see the evil that will come to my people…?’
– Esther 8:6

During our time here in Kansas City we have been challenged to really seek God and find out what His vision is for us in this season of our lives. For me, the answer came from a word spoken over me by one of our guest speakers – Sabrina Walsh. She spoke over me that I was an Esther, refusing to stand by while others were hurt or mistreated. From there I came to understand that I want to stand, like Queen Esther, against injustice and destruction in the nations and proclaim the love of God from a place of real knowledge.

I am definitely growing in knowledge of Him as the days go on. I feel like every day I learn a new aspect of God’s character and His heart for His people. In the process of growing in knowledge of God though, I am also growing in understanding of who I am and what my life is really all about. The more I learn about God’s radical love, the more I realise the importance of sharing that love with others.

Last weekend we had an evening of radical generosity among our class where the Lord prompted us to give away certain things as an act of faith that He would provide for us. In the space of a few hours, two laptops, an iPad, a bike, a DSLR, an iPhone 5 and $7000 were given away. It was such a joyful evening and we really felt the presence of God stirring us as we laid down our possessions for the sake of others, displaying the kind of love that He calls us to.

So now, it is time to display that love on a larger scale – in the nations. In December we will be heading off on a 10 week missions trip. My team is going to East Asia (if you’d like more information about the specific nation then please get in touch) and two other teams are going to India and Israel. I am incredibly excited to see what God is going to do during our time on outreach. For me personally, it is a wonderful blessing as I have had a heart for Asia for a long time now. I didn’t even know the nation I am travelling to would be one of the options for outreach so when we were given the choices, I knew that God was letting me know He has something significant for me there.

In order to get there I need to raise $5000 (approximately £3100 for my UK friends) The first instalment is due this week and I have already seen Gods faithfulness to provide the funds to carry out His work. During my time here I have really come to realise the importance of having other people alongside us as we labor for God. So I’d like to invite you to consider partnering with me financially by becoming a monthly supporter. You can also, if you feel led, provide a donation at this time toward my outreach costs.

God is moving powerfully in the nations. Something huge is stirring and I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it. But I believe that God is calling everyone to share in what He wants to do across the globe. There are many people who feel burdened to be a part of the missions movement but do not have the opportunity to go out to the nations. If you feel stirred by anything I have shared, then please contact me for more information and begin to contend with me in prayer for the nations I’ve been called to. And again, please prayerfully consider coming alongside me as a financial supporter as I begin to walk out my calling as a missionary.

For His Glory,


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