Submitting to Jesus

As many of you know, I am currently preparing to go to a Discipleship Training School in Kansas City, Mo. Although I only have 6 weeks until I leave, I still have a lot of money to raise. However, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about where the DTS journey began for me and why it so important to me that I step out in this way.

While I was in the Philippines in February, I got the opportunity to talk about Jesus and share parts of my life story with quite a lot of people. One day in particular, the team and I attended a school assembly of a few hundred school kids. Every time we attended a school assembly, the head teachers would pick a specific subject that they wanted us to talk to the pupils about and this time it was ‘Respecting Authority’. So I shared about how when I was growing up I tried to be a good person and respect authority thinking that it would make people love me more or make my life better in some way. But things never worked out that way, life was very hard at times and I never truly believed that I was loved, no matter what I did. I soon began to lose respect for myself and for the people around me.

But then I learned about Jesus and the sacrifice He had made on the cross for me. I learned that God was the sovereign Lord and creator of all things. I learned that we must respect those in authority over us not because of what we think it will add to OUR lives, or because they tell us they deserve our respect, but because ‘all authority comes from God and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.’ (Romans 13)

More importantly though, as I learned to respect God as the ultimate authority, my attitude began to change. I learned that as we respect God’s authority over our lives and submit to Him, he leads and guides us to make our lives fuller and better although not always easier. Life is still hard at times, but every day I make the decision to submit to God’s authority over my life and He is faithful in instructing me.

Sharing Tesimony

This is one of the many reasons I have made the decision to attend this school. While in the Philippines, I felt God telling me that I was only just beginning to experience all that He had for me and that I must set my fear and doubt aside and take an even bigger step of faith. I was led to apply for the Kansas City DTS.

I still need quite a lot of money for this trip. It is only 6 weeks until I leave for America. I also need people who would be willing to pledge to support me on a month to month basis while I am away. All money donated will go towards my fees for the school and living/ministry costs while I am away. Please prayerfully consider donating or pledging your support. Every amount is a blessing to me. For more information on how to give you can go to the ‘Partner With Me’ page of this blog, visit my Fundraising Page or email me directly at

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