‘…about my father’s business…’

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while because I wasn’t really sure how to do the subject justice. How to accurately describe what the past few months have meant to me. What I’ve been doing. How I’ve been feeling. And then today, with the help of my awesome Dad, I figured it out.

Today my Dad came over to take me shopping for new door handles – something my flat has been needing for a long time. Once we arrived back at my place however he told me that there was something I could help him with – he had a video file that wouldn’t play on his computer and he wanted me to see if I could figure out why and fix the problem. I was pretty certain it was way over my head but because he believed in me – and I had nothing else to do while he was busy fixing my doors – I gave it a go.

‘What on earth has this got to do with the Philippines?’ Well, I’ll tell you. Everything. This little interaction between me and my Dad is a perfect analogy for my relationship with Father God over the past few months.

The Invitation

So, my Dad texting me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to go handle shopping is a little less extravagant than God giving me the opportunity to travel to another country, but the point is I was given the opportunity to go somewhere that I knew was going to benefit me greatly – and I jumped at the chance.

Going to the Philippines was something that I had only ever dreamed about until this year. I had always wanted to travel but I had resigned myself to never being able to afford it or it just never being the right time. This time though, it was different. Once the opportunity arose, I actively pursued it. I said ‘yes’ without even fully knowing what I was letting myself in for. All I knew was that my spirit was telling me to go for it. I had never been so certain about anything in my life. I knew the opportunity had come from God.

The Blessing

My amazing Dad, as always, provided what I needed – door handles. Then, he came home with me and proceeded to fit them all. Similarly, but even more amazingly, my Heavenly Father provided me with the funds to go to the Philippines and then proceeded to overwhelm me with blessing when I got there. It seems as though every day, He increased my faith in some area or another, healed me of some past hurt or fear, blessed me with wonderful new friendships and gave revelation of His love and purpose for me.

The Call to Serve

My earthly father presented me with a task – one that he believed I was capable of achieving, even though I myself did not. More than that, he trusted me to do it. There are lots of people my Dad knows who could have helped him with that video, but he chose to ask me. This amazes me and makes me feel so honoured. Father God, did the same thing. This is a whole other level of amazing and comes with an entirely different sense of honour. HE chose ME to minister to the people in the Philippines – to pray over Pastors, Mayors, children, sick people. HE gave ME the opportunity to share my testimony with young men and women, to encourage them and point them towards Jesus, to bless them and to speak life over them. Me. I was fairly certain at the beginning of my trip that I was not up to the task set before me but day-by-day I learned that if God tells you to do something you should just thank Him for the privilege and then get on with it, rather than trying to tell the creator of the universe that he might have picked the wrong person. Even today – four weeks after returning home – I am still overwhelmed by the things I was able to see and do, for His Glory. Every opportunity gave me more of a sense of the things that I am capable of doing – through Christ Jesus. Just as today I learned that I actually do know a thing or two about computers and video files and what not, while in the Philippines I learned that I really can be a powerful tool in the hands of the Father.

The Added Bonus

Finally, just before he left my Dad gave me a hug, handed me some money and invited me to come over for dinner next week. He didn’t just come over, fix things and leave with no mention of when I’d see him again – he blessed me on the way out and left me with an open invitation to spend more time with him. Now, I know that God never leaves so the same is not quite true for Him but even now – back in my home environment – I am still feeling the blessing from my time away. More than that though, I am completely aware of the invitation to build on my experiences of the past few months.

That is why I have applied to go to school in Kansas City in September, to learn more about the God I’ve come to know lately; His character and His ways. I feel that if I am – as I now believe – called to share Jesus with the nations, I must first take the time to learn and grow in intimacy with Him. It is also why I am currently praying about the pull I feel towards becoming a full-time missionary. I believe that the months leading up to my time away, and the time itself, were preparation for stepping into my true purpose of full time missions work. However that is something I will be able to write more about once I have given more time – and prayerful consideration – to it.